Read comments from satisfied Camas Big Johns Students:

"Big Johns Driving School was great and I am sad its over" - Cheyenne

"My favorite class was when Tyler Presnell came.  His story was very original and I have never heard anything like it." - Madison

"Ron and Matt were the best.   They made the drives and classes alot of fun." - Sydney

"My least favorite class was when we watched the movie Red Asphalt because it was gross." - Mekayla

"My favorite class was when Tyler Presnell came and talked to us. It was very moving and inspirational." - Courtney

"I passed the final test on the first try! So that was my favorite class :-)" - Paige

"Ron was really calm and funny in class. Matt was really fun to drive with and was always calm" - Justin

"The behind the wheel Instructors were very nice and taught me alot.   I liked Cathi the Office Manager also. " - Maddie

"My favorite class was when the police officer came in because he showed us some incidents of unsafe driving and I learned alot of new things" - Ashton

"I felt comfortable with all of the instructors and they never freaked out when I had my crazy blonde moments " - Meghan :-)

Read comments from satisfied Orchards Big Johns Students:

"I liked the real life videos, and when Tyler Presnell came and spoke." - Marisela

"My favorite class was where Bob had the funny fast food places, because it was a ball." - Nay :-)

"My most memorable class was when Tyler Presnell spoke because he was very Inspirational." - Nick

"I loved it all!!!   It was a great learning experience." - Kaylee

"Class 10 was my most memorable because the police officer came and spoke to the class." - Shay

"Bob makes the class really fun and makes you feel comfortable to ask questions." - Alyssa

"My favorite class...  I liked all the classes because we always learned something new in every class." - Miranda

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